Orchard Park Wildlife Project

Orchard Park Wildlife Project encourages the local community to make Orchard Park better for people & wildlife through events & activities that are fun, free, informative & accessible. Take part by becoming a volunteer, or attend an activity or event. Orchard Park is a new community just outside Cambridge City that was founded in 2006. As part of the building programme for the settlement, various habitats were created  – there is a wildlife area with bat boxes, a wildflower bank and an orchard.

Orchard Park Wildlife Project supports these habitats and organises wildlife related events and activities for all ages. The Project also takes part in ‘citizen science’ research through summer safaris and mini bio-blitz events to help monitor the amphibian & reptile population as well as the Big Garden Birdwatch and Big Butterfly Count.

They are always on the lookout for volunteers to help with organising events, litter-picking, fundraising and talking about wildlife/the environment to groups & schools.

Connecting with nature