Bereavement support

Next Steps Counselling and Support Service

There are few events in life more distressing than receiving a life-changing medical diagnosis or being told that someone close to you has died. Grief is a natural response to all loss, not just death, and relates to the significant life-adjustments that usually follow when we experience such distressing events.

Next Steps offers counselling, group workshops and other support services to people who are experiencing issues relating to life-limiting illness, bereavement, grief, and loss.  Our goal is to help you make sense of what you are experiencing, express your emotions, and gain a sense of balance between remembering and living.  

Our Approach

As each person’s experience is unique, Next Steps offers a flexible, creative, and individually tailored approach to end-of-life, grief, and loss support. Our therapy sessions are available in both indoor (clinic-based) and outdoor (nature-based) locations.

Outdoor ‘walk and talk’ sessions in beautiful surroundings can facilitate the natural grief process in a deeply transformative way. Indoor sessions can be equally transformative, with talk therapy, creative sand-tray, art therapy and somatic therapy all available to support your grieving process.

We can also offer online and telephone counselling if you prefer. 

Our Support Groups

  • Living with Dying
  • Pre-Bereavement support
  • Bereavement support

Our Workshops

  • Practical End-of-Life Care Skills
  • Creating Personal Rituals
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Self-Care Techniques
  • Managing Stress, Anxiety and Pain

Our Background and Our Vision

Suzi Garrod founded Next Steps in April 2017, a few months after her mother (Uschi) died. Helping her father care for her mum, holding vigil at her bedside on the night she died, and supporting her dad through the enormity of his grief (whilst in mourning herself) has given Suzi a far deeper insight into life-limiting illness and loss than any of the training courses she attended, or books she has read over the years.

In creating Next Steps, Suzi's vision is to blend her many years of training as a therapist with all that life has taught her about living, dying, and grieving. Her hope is to offer a therapeutic service which supports and empowers others as they navigate their own experiences of death and dying. She also hopes to create an enriching training environment for trainee counsellors and other healthcare professionals who have an interest in working in this field.

Our Availability

Our offices are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 2pm-5pm. Please email or call 01548 312256.

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