LEAN Living Newham

The LEAN Living Programme is a long-term weight management program created by a team of weight-loss experts at Mayo Clinic.

The program has been updated and is designed to help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones. The goal is to make simple, pleasurable changes that will result in a healthy weight that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Why choose the LEAN Living Programme?

The purpose of the LEAN Living Programme is to help you lose excess weight and find a healthy way of eating that you can sustain for a lifetime.

It focuses on changing your daily routine by adding and breaking habits that can affect your weight. Simple habits, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, not eating while you watch TV, and moving your body for 30 minutes a day, can help you lose weight.

The LEAN Living Programme is based on the latest behavior-change science, which will help you find your inner motivation to lose weight, set achievable goals and learn to handle setbacks.

You might choose to follow the LEAN Living Programme because you:

  • Want to follow a program that has been developed by medical professionals
  • Are looking for a diet that fits your food preferences
  • Like the idea of being able to eat unlimited vegetables and fruits
  • Seek expert strategies on how to drop unhealthy lifestyle habits and gain healthy ones
  • Want to improve your health, reduce your health risks and feel great
  • Don't want to eliminate food groups or count calories
  • Want a program you can stick with for life, not a fad or quick fix.
  • Are looking for easy-to-follow advice that will inspire you to eat better and move more


Losing weight has never been so easy.

Service statistics
50% of referrals accepted
Service access criteria: Must be a Newham resident. Must be aged 18+.
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Learning difficulty friendly
Non English speaking friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 1