GoodGym - Get Fit, Do Good

What is GoodGym?
GoodGym is a community of runners, walkers and cyclists that combine getting fit with doing good within the local community. We currently have over 50 areas in which we operate around the UK.

GoodGym helps people get fit by doing good and to meet other people in their area. Everything we do aims to support this.

These guidelines help to keep us consistent in doing this:

No-one gets left behind
GoodGym welcomes all abilities from all backgrounds. On our sessions no-one should be left alone and everyone should feel included. All GoodGym runners should play a part in looking after each other and making sure that everyone is included in every session. We all make sure people who are new to fitness feel welcome and that they are in the right place whether they walk, run or cycle.

GoodGym is fun
Many people get involved in GoodGym because it’s a good way to meet people. We encourage people to get to know each other at our sessions and encourage runners to meet up for training runs and other social events.

GoodGym is open
We are open to improving what we do. We are open to suggestions from runners, older people, community organisations and partners about how we can improve what we do. We encourage feedback. These responses help GoodGym improve. We will always try to understand where someone is coming from before giving them an answer. GoodGym should always be open to people who want to support our goals or get involved in a constructive way.

GoodGym is a community not a service
GoodGym is a community rather than a service. The motivation for participation for all of us is to benefit other people and projects in our community, have fun and meet up with friendly people. This means that GoodGym representatives should not thank other participants for their involvement - instead we should congratulate and encourage. As facilitators, we encourage all members to support each other in their efforts to do good and get fit.

We get people fit
GoodGym is about getting fit. We aim to make people aware of their fitness and help them to set and achieve goals. GoodGym’s platform asks runners to set goals; we use this to help them improve their fitness.

We encourage runners to get involved with coach runs, missions and group sessions in order to do more running. We recommend runners use Strava in order to track their runs and measure improvements.

Safety is a priority
GoodGym has to be safe. Ensuring that no-one gets harmed is an essential part of what we do. The safety processes are there for a reason. We want to protect the runners, the area activator and those we are helping. We work with lots of vulnerable people and protecting their well-being is our utmost concern.

GoodGym is a sports brand
GoodGym should feel exciting and easy to engage with. We aim to make the process of getting involved with GoodGym as easy as possible, otherwise people will go to a normal gym or the cinema instead. We respond quickly and positively to enquiries from the outside world. Our communication is friendly, clear and to the point. Though GoodGym’s admin team is registered as a charity, we do not define ourselves as a charity, we are a community first and foremost.

GoodGym does a few things excellently. We get fit by doing good. We do this at group sessions, missions and coach visits. Everything else we do supports these goals and we don’t do anything that doesn’t support us in achieving these goals.

Who can join?                                                                                                                                                                           Because we work with vulnerable adults and our runners participate at their own risk, participants need to be over 18. Get in touch if you want to know more about this.

Service access criteria: Age 18+. All abilities welcome. We ask our members for a voluntary donation starting at £11 per month.
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