RCE Wellbeing Hub Courses

RCE Wellbeing Hub provides a collaborative learning environment that aims to convey a message of hope, control, and opportunity by celebrating strengths and successes.

It is a place to develop new skills, increase your understanding of emotional and physical distress, or explore the impacts of social issues, the way they impact us as individuals and the world around us. The college is a relaxed, friendly place to learn, with lots of support on hand if needed.

Courses include: 
Understanding ADHD
Understanding Anxiety
Understanding Chronic Fatigue
Understanding Psychosis
Caring for Carers
Challenging Worrying Thoughts
Finding My Voice
Tinsel ‘n’ Tears

See full timetable and more details on our website here.

Service access criteria: 18+, lives within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
Additional needs catered for: