The Ark

About us

The Ark is committed to improve the quality of life and provide opportunities for people with disabilities, the disadvantaged and those that support them by encouraging their active participation in their community.


  • To support people through information, advice and advocacy. Advocacy means people are able to have their voice heard and their views are listened to about their lives.
  • To provide activities in a relaxed atmosphere to stop people being lonely and encourage people to better themselves, such as their improve health and well-being.
  • Support people to do things in the wider community.
  • To support social and financial independence through education, employment and training.
  • To develop a strong, lasting organisation.


The Ark Trust based in Bracknell Forest began over 30 years ago. It has developed from being an arts based disability charity to providing a wider range of services; mainly for people aged 16 years and over.

Our Vision

  • Respect for the principles of tolerance, honesty, integrity, trust and decency.
  • Promote equal rights and opportunities for all people.
  • Encourage our community to recognise the contributions all people can make to the community.
  • Provide good, suitable services for people.
  • Working with others and build good skills to meet peoples needs.

Additional needs catered for: