Strong and Wild

Strong and Wild

Gill and Mary are sisters, and mothers to young children. They wanted to get fitter and stronger so they asked Gill’s husband Andrew, who is a personal trainer, to help them with some training programmes.

Andrew’s not a big believer in the more commercial fitness industry and prefers to focus on building strength and mobility without any of the nonsense. They also live rurally, so any workouts needed to be outside, whatever the weather.

Week 1 went really well, motivation was high and everyone was feeling GREAT! But as the muscle ache grew so too did the excuses, and by week three they had both lost the will to continue.

So, they invited their friends Kat and Jody to join - it’s much harder to cancel once you have others signed up too. Kat and Jody just kept turning up.A few months went by and friends of friends said they would like to join too and slowly but surely we’d grown to a group of over 20 mums doing burpees and chucking logs in the woods. Then, the husbands were jealous of all the fun we were having so they started turning up too.

National lockdowns didn’t stop us, as we transitioned to a weekly combination of online group workouts (hosted by members Megan and Will), personal progression challenges and outdoor sessions with a partner. 

We’ve become Stronger and Wilder since the early days, but we still believe in the natural high that comes from working out in the great outdoors and that we are stronger together.

Weekly group sessions
We run weekly group sessions in the beautiful outdoor locations.

All of our sessions have elements of high intensity training, strength and mobility (that’s stretching and flexibility), gymnastics and parkour. We’re not coaching athletes who specialise in one discipline, instead we help you to become a stronger all-rounder.

Our groups are equally focused on building strength for longevity, the sense of wellbeing from exercising outdoors and the joy that comes from being part of a great group of people.

Movement workshops
Our workshops focus on building skills and strength around everyday movements - from running and jumping to pulling, pushing and lifting - and equip clients with knowledge to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

The two-hour sessions start around a bonfire with a cup of tea. Through a series of peer to peer coaching sessions and mini workouts, we learn about how to move more and build strength for life. Finally, we finish back by the fire for a chat and croissant. 

By the end of a session clients will have gained a good understanding of how to incorporate more movement into their everyday lives and will have done all that in the beautiful outdoors, together.

Exercise and fitness classes
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