ABC to Read


Imagine if you couldn’t read the labels on your food, emails from your friends or the instructions for operating a Smartphone. Without literacy skills, children can easily grow into adults who are unable to lead happy, fulfilled lives and contribute to society.

We help to transform the lives of children who are struggling to read at primary schools across Berkshire. Our volunteer reading mentors work one-to-one with these children, to build their confidence and reading skills.

We are determined to help as many children as we can.

Our Work

We provide schools with volunteer reading mentors who will motivate, raise self-esteem and help each child they work with to enjoy reading.  Our volunteers bring along their own box of books and games provided by ABC to read and make reading fun! They work weekly with each child they support (usually 3 children per volunteer).

We also train parent helpers already volunteering in schools, so they have the skills and understanding to be effective in supporting children they are working with. This increases the quality of support in schools overall.

The third part of our work is to provide training for parents to enable them to help their own children at home. We help them to identify the skills their children need to become successful readers.  We give them practical ideas on how to support their children’s learning in school.

Additional needs catered for: