myMS support programme

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have been living with MS for a while, join our myMS support programme today. The programme is also useful for anyone caring for someone with MS. We'll be exploring everything from fatigue management to financial benefit

Managing multiple sclerosis can be tricky - there's so much information out there that it's hard to know where to begin! Our support programme is designed to help you navigate every part of life, whether that's getting your MS team together, having a conversation at work about your changing needs, or looking at the role diet can play in fatigue management. 

Every week, you'll receive one or two PDFs to download containing easy-to-digest, practical information. Everything has been written by talkhealth and medical experts.

Health advice
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Waiting list (weeks): 1
Key words - separate with a comma: MS, multiple sclerosis, mental health, emotional wellbeing, pain management, fatigue management