Skills 4 You

Skills 4 You provides a safe environment for individuals to actively engage in a workshop setting. We support individuals who are returning to the labour market or those who are taking their first tentative steps towards employment. 

On offer is a programme of practical skills development with a choice of activities, skill scanning to address transferable skills for employment sectors, expectation and progression route management. We assist and inspire engagement with the social aspects of life to support mental health and well-being and eventually a positive progression or life change. Our knowledgeable and experienced team work with partner providers to enable our clients to identify barriers, acknowledge actual barriers and work towards finding solutions. Our partner and referral agencies are aware that we support clients with complex issues to achieve appropriate and tailored lifestyle adjustments.

Skills 4 You currently offers a choice of programmes:a

Woodcraft: - clients learn to make a range of items using recycled timber that can be kept by the individual or sold to support additional resource purchases. 

Craft: - clients make a wide range of items using different materials and crafting techniques to create pieces of art.

The programmes include face to face contact activity across a minimum of 8 weeks, followed by 6 months of weekly tracking contacts. During the tracking period clients are offered continued support with the following and more: 

  • Employment opportunity updates
  • Application support
  • Partner agency referrals
  • Confidence/motivation building
  • Pre-Interview preparation
  • Work experience/volunteering
  • Suitable interview clothing
  • Bus fares where relevant
  • Programme visits

We know that people are different and have diverse needs - some need a face to face service for a short period where others need significantly longer engagement to allow us to provide appropriate holistic support. We deliberately maintain small groups of 8 -10, this ensures that everyone can have the level of support they personally need as they progress through the programme. 

Clients are offered support and encouragement to address mental health and wellbeing issues championed by our Therapeutic Life Coach. Interventions are delivered through group and/or one to one sessions. These engagements enable clients to identify personal barriers and explore solutions to allow progression to a positive destination, whatever that may be for each individual. Areas that are addressed during these sessions include:

  • Motivation and courage to identify barriers and find solutions
  • Support to understand and cope with stress and anxiety
  • Exploring and changing patterns of behaviour
  • Reducing risk of returning to bad habits
  • Exploring and identifying issues around health & wellbeing
  • Education about additional support and services on offer locally
  • Taking control and learning to manage disturbing or distracting thoughts
  • Building pride in personal care


Service access criteria: 18+
Arts and creative classes
Day centres
Arts organisations and events
Mental health support
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Upcycle, Gardening, Woodwork, Arts and Crafts, Unemployment