The Outdoor Partnership Coastal Cumbria

We are working with the people of Coastal Cumbria to get them involved in outdoor pursuits as a lifelong campaign.

Together we can change lives once and for all.

From local clubs to the tops of our mountains, everyone has the chance to get involved.

Our projects are a way of boosting people's confidence and helping them develop skills and learn to work in a team to take advantage of new opportunities and healthier lives. By volunteering, accessing education, getting involved, undertaking training and by working everyone can make a one-off change.

Our projects offered over 100,000 outdoor activity opportunities to improve health and well-being; we trained over 4000 volunteers; we helped over 500 unemployed people find work; we established over 80 community outdoor clubs and groups with over 7000 members; in addition, we offered sustainable opportunities to over 1000 disabled people over the past 15 years in North Wales, this Project is being rolled out in Coastal Cumbria. 

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Exercise and fitness classes
Activities for children and young people
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Employment and training initiatives
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