Florence Arts Workshops

Florence Arts Centre is a creative and performance space based on the site of the last working Iron Ore Mine in Europe Florence Mine. A short walk from the historic market town of Egremont in West Cumbria. Our ethos centres around caring for, and bring awareness to the environment, using sustainable means to practice our creativity, and to elevate local artists to our communities.

Here at Florence we pride ourselves in creating a safe, inspiring, diverse space for anyone and everyone. Explore various art media through a range of workshops, activities and events. From Open-Mic to Pottery from Rag-Rugging to Film we invite you to use Florence as a foundation to expand your creativity.  

We believe art in all forms enables us to share a piece of ourselves to the world, opens conversations, and allows us to apply creative thought to all walks of life. Art isn’t a practice confined to a studio or gallery, but a frame of mind which can enhance many situations, jobs and experiences. Exploring our creativity helps us to relax, improves our confidence and, most importantly our mental wellbeing. 

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