Mental Health Support Group

We are a local organisation based in Whitehaven, in West Cumbria, working across Copeland and Allerdale. We deliver low level mental health support in the form of 1-2-1 or group sessions, tailored around the needs of the individual or family. Our aim is to improve mental wellbeing, reduce isolation, and remove some of the barriers to daily life caused by poor mental health.

We have a range of services from LGBTQ+ support to family-led projects, drop-ins, support groups, and community projects. All of our services are FREE. We can also signpost to other organisations in our area if further support is needed. You can self refer or we take referrals from other organisations.

Service access criteria: So if you feel you, or anybody you know, would benefit from our services please get in touch. After all, there is Always Another Way.
Mental health support
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