Supported Recovery from addiction/other mental ill-health

Vulture Club is situated in the middle of the West Cumbrian coastal town of Whitehaven. We aim to create a safe relaxed confidential community for members to meet, have fun and grow. We provide an opportunity for individuals to experience the personal benefits of taking part in the use of creative arts and in particular in relation to how this can help individuals to develop and grow.

At Vulture Club we offer a safe non-using environment where members can engage in programmes of effective therapeutic and diversionary activities, to equip themselves with the tools needed in recovery. Our members can learn these at their own pace and although these programmes have been designed with addictive behavior in mind, these are also useful tools for people with mental health and emotional trauma issues as well.

It is with this regard that the Vulture Clubs primary aim is to provide a service for individuals who are seeking support with their recovery from addiction; it does however also consider applications for membership from individuals who have no personal history of substance addiction but experience difficulty with social inclusion for other reasons.

Service access criteria: Confidential Initial Assessment with Vulture Club
Arts and creative classes
Alcohol advice and support
Benefits advice and assessment
Arts and creativity
Drugs advice and support
Welfare rights advice
Healthy lifestyle
Helping with money
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Therapeutic Recovery Activities, in groups, with negotiated referral to one to one counselling