Singing Group / Community Gatherings

To celebrate the easing of social distancing restrictions, the Communitas project was a series of ‘pop-up’ singing workshops and events across the North of England. Musical picnics, Merry Neets, singing workshops and performances in wild places, with ‘scratch’ choirs bringing moments of collective joy to the great outdoors.

Singing Workshops

We held a series of all-day workshops in lovely wild locations led by Dave with Angie & special guests, leading to ‘pop-up’ outdoor performances at the end of each workshop (weather permitting). No experience necessary, learning mostly by ear in the ‘natural voice’ tradition. Repertoire was based on songs that people collectively wanted to sing. The Ennerdale workshops were on the same days as a Merry Neet, where we learned songs to also perform at the evening event.

Merry Neets

A celebration of everyday creativity and the turning year, hosted by Dave Camlin and Angie Power, inspired by the traditional Cumbrian Merry Neet. People joined us as performers or audience to share songs, stories, poems, dances, jokes or anything else they fancied around a chosen theme.

Off the Grid Musical Picnics

These informal gatherings were free opportunities to simply get together somewhere wild with like-minded folk to have a picnic, followed by some communal singing and maybe some impromptu performances. 

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