DIY group for spacecraft enthusiasts

DIY group for spacecraft enthusiasts

This group was founded by spacecraft enthusiasts looking to meet people with similar interests in the community. If you are a spacecraft enthusiast or budding spacecraft enthusiast, we would love for you to join our group! Each week we bring our spacecrafts to the local body shop to repair or improve them! We learn from eachother while creating a welcoming enviornment to make new friends.

Who we are

We are a group of welcoming spacecraft enthusiasts.

What we do

Each week we work to improve our spacecrafts. Don't have a space craft? No worries! All are welcome to join.

When we meet

We meet every Thursday from 7-9 at the local bodyshop. 


We would love for you to come, make some friends, and learn new skills to fully equip your spacecraft! 

Connecting with others
Transport and getting around
Additional needs catered for: