Part time vacancy with local charity CASS+, at Exeter Town and County Court

CASS+ is expanding to Exeter and we’re looking for someone who can work inside our hub at Exeter Town and County Court. It’s a great opportunity for someone to build something really meaningful from scratch.

Are you passionate about making a difference?

People arrive at Exeter Crown Court alone, feeling powerless, trapped and terrified. We are free and independent of the system. We sit down and listen. We build trust and use our knowledge and connections to find solutions to complicated situations. We guide people towards positive change and stay by their side for as long as they want us with them.

We’re looking for a compassionate and empathetic Co-ordinator who shares our vision to reduce the risk of re-offending and improve the lives of people experiencing the Justice System.

You will be a part of a dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive team of staff and volunteers focussed on finding tailored solutions for people facing many disadvantages.

You will find more information here.

Or, contact for more information.

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