Home From Hospital

What happens after your hospital discharge
You will receive regular welfare phone check-ups for up to 4 weeks after your discharge, plus further support visits and access to community services. We will also perform a well-being review at the end of 4 weeks and give advice on where to find further support if needed.  

Who is eligible?
People who are being discharged from hospital and who have a residential address in the districts of:

∙ Carlisle
∙ Eden
∙ Allerdale
∙ Copeland
You must be referred for this service. Talk to your hospital discharge team to see if you are eligible.

All Home From Hospital team members are fully trained to provide the best service possible.

Care at home
Day to day helping hand
Services for older people
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Dementia friendly
Takes place in the client’s home
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