Low Cost Counselling

NC Mental Health Support has a mission to offer an affordable community-based counselling service to adults and young people in Hampshire. 

We have a passion for breaking the stigma attached to seeking help. We can help you to shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one, allowing you to foster a better understanding of yourself - Connecting the Dots. 

We offer confidential, one-to-one counselling in a non-clinical, warm and welcoming environment. 

Our approach is unique in the sense that we understand the physical effects that can arise from periods of poor mental health. ​ It is a common misconception that mind and body are separate when in fact they are so interconnected that one cannot fully flourish without the other. Our approach recognises this and connects the dots to equally balance mind and body. 

We support our counsellors in using a variety of approaches which they feel are most suited to the client’s needs. ​ Whether it’s your career, your relationships or anything else that’s important to you, we will help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life. 

We aim to see you as promptly as possible as we understand the frustration of lengthy waiting lists. We can provide both long and short-term therapy and these sessions would be in principle weekly, same day, same time with of course the same counsellor.

Counselling sessions can cost up to £60 for individual sessions, couple's sessions up to £75 per session. NC Mental Health Support could help you with the cost of these sessions. Please be aware that £40 per session covers our basic overall cost. The minumum fee we charge (no questions asked) is £25 per session.

Contact us today and we will email you an intake form, once that has been returned you could be seeing your counsellor within a week!

Service access criteria: Weekly sessions, same day, same time. Pls be aware our offices are on the first floor with stair access only.
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Mental health
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Waiting list (weeks): 2
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