Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG)

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We are a group of local professionals and parents of deaf children, who, along with deaf young people, are working together to improve local services.

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We want to keep the views of deaf children, young people and their families at the centre of what we do. You are an expert by experience. Please join us to share your views.

When and where? 

We meet at least three times a year, usually online, making it easier for parents and professionals to attend. If we meet in person, we make sure that it isn’t a barrier to parents being there.

Find Out More

Join other parents at an online Parents as Partners workshop run by the National Deaf Children’s Society, to find out more about CHSWGs and the support that is available, or email and one of our team will get in touch.

Contact details for your local CHSWG: 

Please contact us if you need help to access the meeting if English is not your first language, if you require a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, or if you have other access requirements and need support.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Service access criteria: Deaf children or parents of Deaf children who live in Newham
Family support groups and organisations
Managing a long-term health condition
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
Hearing impairment friendly
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