Specialist Facial Massage for Cancer Patients

I am a Jennifer Young trained therapist,
qualified to support anyone who's had a
cancer diagnosis with a relaxing facial touch
Jennifer Young is the recognised expert in
specialist skincare for anyone living with and
beyond cancer, as well as an award-winning
therapist trainer in oncology touch therapies,
which are now delivered in private spa
destinations as well as hospital
The treatments are designed to be suitable
during all stages of cancer and cancer
treatment, from diagnosis through active
chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery,
immunotherapy, and beyond. I also use a
100% natural skincare line from Jennifer
Young during treatments. Products are
created in collaboration with NHS cancer
nurses and patients to be gentle and
suitable for sensitive skin during and beyond
cancer care, and to help address the side
effects of cancer treatments.

Healthy lifestyle
Mental health
Additional needs catered for:
Waiting list (weeks): 0
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