Walk & Talk for pregnant and new parents

We welcome you to join us, during pregnancy and postnatally, for a gentle walk and a chat in a variety of green spaces in and around Exeter.

The Nest supports women through their major transitions in life, including pregnancy and birth, by providing social, emotional and informational support. We welcome everyone who is pregnant or postpartum, or supporting someone who is, to walk with us. Birth partners, all parents and carers, babies, toddlers and siblings welcome.

We are LGBTQ+ friendly and welcome all ethnicities.

Walks are led by friendly volunteers who are trained walk leaders and perinatal peer supporters. We walk together at the pace of our slowest walker, no-one gets left behind. There will be opportunities for toddlers to stretch their legs, therefore be prepared to walk at toddler-pace. We can stop as needed to feed or change babies. Equally if you want to swiftly walk back and forth to create the motion baby likes to help them settle to sleep in the pushchair or carrier please do.

This is a relaxed group where you are welcome to attend to the comfort of yourself and your baby/toddler as needed, however please let us know if you want to take some time out of the group.

Walking outdoors together enables us to connect with nature and each other whilst being physically active, all of which can help our well-being. Come as you are, no experience necessary.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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