BACT Active Cancer Prehab/Rehab

We are lucky enough to be able to offer health and wellbeing services for those recovering and those who are newly diagnosed with cancer in Burton and East Staffordshire.

We work with participants to engage in appropriate exercise, undertake nutrition guidance and experience improved emotional well-being. 

Let’s work together to improve survival rates, tolerance to treatments, recovery from surgery and reduce post-surgery complications alongside, perhaps most importantly, improved mental health. 

Come and improve your quality of life, find new motivation at a difficult time with a new focus and a friendly, knowledgeable and understanding ear. 

We are passionate about seeing those that we work with return to work or a more ‘normal’ way of life, begin to feel that they are worthy of looking after themselves and show up the very best that they can for themselves and those around them.

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Getting active
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Additional needs catered for:
Learning difficulty friendly