VitaMinds - your local NHS mental wellbeing support service
Vita Health Group works in partnership with the NHS to provide mental wellbeing services to support local residents in various districts throughout the UK.

Known as IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies), VitaMinds is a talking therapy service designed to support individuals by providing the tools needed to get things back on track. It’s a free service.

Worried about your mental wellbeing?
We all experience times when we feel like we can’t cope, sometimes this can start to affect our everyday lives and prevent us from doing the things we normally do.

If you are experiencing excessive worry, low mood, depression, anxiety or a lack of motivation then VitaMinds can help. VitaMinds works in partnership with the NHS to provide talking therapy services and counselling in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland known as IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) and we can provide advice and guidance on the best options for you.

VitaMinds is a FREE service and you don’t need to visit a GP to get help –  the options for referring to the service are below.

We are not an emergency service and are not able to help with immediate crisis situations. If you need immediate help please contact either your GP or go to the Accident and Emergency Department of your local hospital (24hrs).

Alternatively, if you’re experiencing a crisis and need a person talk things through with, you can call the Crisis Teams in your area here

How we can help
We aim to help improve the mental wellbeing of people suffering from:

Low mood due to a physical condition (such as diabetes or pain)
Excessive worry or anxiety
Excessive worry about your health
Panic attacks
Sleep problems
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Experience of a traumatic event

Mental health support
Mental health
Additional needs catered for: