Adverse Camber Productions

Adverse Camber is passionate about stories, music and the outstanding artists who bring them vividly to life.
Epic stories have been told by countless voices over hundreds of years. They reveal the deepest drivers of our collective human psyche, proven through their endurance over time and across cultures.  Adverse Camber shows lift these stories out of books, transforming them into immersive, electrically charged performance encounters which are subtly different each time. Our shows are devised with artists who are all leaders in their fields. They transport audiences into the worlds and soundscapes of these incredibly diverse oral tales – enabling us to explore and enjoy them anew.

Producer-led, Adverse Camber works with a growing team of associates who bring a wealth of collective expertise to the task of making exciting and engaging live performances for new audiences.
We begin each project with a creative development process, whether working on a new show or a piece which has already been developed.

We’re fascinated by the creative conversations that happen when people come together to work with stories.  We listen attentively to our audiences, as well as artists and promoters, to understand how stories and new or traditional music continue to speak to us today.

“There is no doubt in my mind that for the evolution of my own practice and my career as a performer I owe a great deal to Adverse Camber for its mission to facilitate, produce and present high quality, innovative and entertaining storytelling shows.”

Nick Hennessey, Storyteller

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Arts and creativity
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