Talking Therapies

Free & confidential psychological support for common mental health difficulties.

Newham Talking Therapies is an NHS primary care mental health service – so what that means is we offer free, confidential mental health support to the residents of Newham experiencing common mental health difficulties. This includes depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, panic attacks, etc. In addition to this, we offer employment support to people whose mental health difficulties may present a barrier to fullfiling and stable employment.

We work on a self-referral basis (as well as the traditional referral route from your GP), which means we are often someone’s first point of contact with services. When someone refers to us (online or telephone), they are offered a brief telephone consultation which aims to determine the most suitable treatment options. That can include group therapy, online therapy, telephone support, 1:1 support. We offer evidence-based treatments, as per the NICE Guidelines.

As well as the traditional route into our service, we offer a range of workshops that aim to give people a basic understanding of the primary therapy offered – cognitive behavioural therapy. The workshops are delivered on Microsoft Teams, last approx. 1h, and cover a range of topics. Anyone can sign up to the workshops although you can only do one workshop a month, as we like to give people space / time to consolidate the knowledge.

Our service is multi-cultural and we often work in other languages and with interpreters. Even if you are unsure if we are the right service, after the initial assessment we may be able to point you in the direction of other appropriate services in Newham with their own areas of specialty – bereavement, substance misuse, housing / legal advice.

Waiting lists are between 2-12 weeks depending on treatment option.

Service access criteria: Anyone aged 18 or over who is living in the Newham area (and is registered with a Newham GP)
Bereavement support
Mental health support
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Services for older people
Support for carers
Support with employment
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Non English speaking friendly
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