GSA's New Healthy Way Course

Healthy Way is a free 12-week programme where every week we will share simple 'healthy habits' that you can use anywhere and anytime.  We are as passionate as always about helping people in need to make healthier choices where they can.  Spring is always a great place to try something new. It reminds you that even after a hard season, something brighter, and better, is on the way.  The first signs of spring bring a sense of hope, rejuvenation, and fresh feelings which can give you the best possible place to start making small, healthier and positive changes in every day life!  We will show you how to eat a balanced diet and find easy ways to fit activity into your everyday routines.  Every week we will learn about a different topic and we strongly recommend registering early as these free courses fill up quickly.  The course will start in April 2024, meetings are weekly, last about 90 minutes and will take place in either our Gillingham, Rainham or Chatham Community Hubs. Contact for more info.

Service access criteria: 18+ service, Available to all living in Medway
Health advice
Healthy lifestyle
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