Orchard Forest School

This is a truly magical setting which is surrounded by ancient stone walling and natural hedgerow, giving us a safe space to explore.

We run sessions for our local families and community, providing opportunities to experience a wide range of new skills, that’ll build on self-esteem, confidence, resilience and life skills whilst having fun.

Forest School is an inspirational hands-on experience, with play being participant led which means we follow your curiosities and plan accordingly.

Everyone is welcome at Orchard Forest School regardless of age or ability and we pride ourselves at being able to welcome everyone into the orchard and we will do our best to enable accessibility.

At the beginning of each session we meet at our fire pit, which helps everyone learn how to be safe around the fire. From there we explain what activities have been set out for the session or the plan for the day. Families/participants can then move freely within the 4-acre site, experiencing a wealth of new learning opportunities such as:

- Using a compost loo
- Exploring the enchanted garden where the fairies live
- Hiding in the willow dome or hobbit house
- Building dens
- Making mud pies in the mud kitchen
- Going mini beast hunting
- Building bug hotels and shelters
- Feeding the birds
- Making crafts out of nature in our craft shelter

The list is endless, but whatever you choose to do whilst you’re with us we’re pretty confident that you will leave us with a big smile and a sparkle in your eye!

We run sessions all year around and continue in wet weather and will only cancel sessions in extreme weather conditions.

So wrap up warm and wear wellies and waterproofs in the wetter months!

Service access criteria:
Connecting with nature
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Nature, outdoor activities, family bonding