University of the Third Age


Joining your local u3a is a great way to find and develop new interests and make friends in a relaxed environment. It doesn’t cost much to join a u3a near where you live, usually less than £20.

Reasons to join:

Make a difference, stay active, keep learning and have fun
Get out to meet face to face – learning together and making the most of life
Access to online learning, training and resources to inspire you. Members can attend learning events and talks for free
Meet other people with similar interests: learn new things and share your skills.

As well as joining your local u3a you can subscribe to Interest Groups Online (formerly called Trust u3a). 

Interest Groups Online is a platform for collaborative learning. It is an online community, bringing people together from all across the u3a movement and beyond, and does not include membership of your local u3a. There are around 70 different groups that meet online across a wide range of subjects. Groups are interactive and vary depending on the needs of the participants.



Connecting with others
Additional needs catered for:
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