Cerebral Palsy Midlands


Email: barbara@cpmids.org.uk 

Cerebral Palsy Midlands is an adult social care day service provider for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Whilst at the community day-centre, our clients are taught vital life and idependancy skills to stay healthy and safe. These include things like cooking, personal hygiene, reading and writing skills, music, arts and crafts and much more. Here are some of our regular activities and groups: 
CPM connection – This group is an alternative music collaboration, playing a range of different music, using a variety of different instruments. The group was started because of the dream of one person; their dream to play a musical instrument. 
Wheelchair Dance - Run by qualified Wheelchair Dance Instructor Helen Mason she encourages our citizens to get involved in dance and moviement.  
Accessible Qigong Tai Chi - Qualified and inclusive instructor Sally Haynes Preece runs regular sessions which focus on the whole well being of our citizens . 
Access for all – This service aims is to support all our clients to get out into the community. We work with our citizens so they can access leisure activities, such as; cinema trips, bowling, shopping, going for meals, also accessing GP's and other medical professionals. We also organise annual holiday breaks to places like Blackpool, where our clients and other members of the community stay for about five days, with qualified care staff. Similarly, we offer day trips to such places. All of these trips are designed to encourage social interaction, whilst in effect combating issues of isolation. 
URconnectAble – This is our advocacy and advise service. We provide help and support to people with disabilities, their families and also their carers, supporting on matters such as benefits, housing, finance, welfare and also providing emotional support. 
Being Heard – This group allows clients to access vocal tuition sessions, as well as learning about music composition and practices. A choir has been developed through this group. Everyone has a voice and this group’s aim is to empower people to believe in that. 
Art – The aim of this particular group is to encourage our clients, artists in their own right, to develop their artistic skills through whichever means they want, ranging from paintings to 3D sculptures. This group is led by a freelance artist. 
All these workshops are run and supported by our dedicated tutors and staff who work countless hours for our clients. For our service to run we rely very heavily on donations from charitable trusts, organisations, donars and through fundraising events and efforts.  
As a day care service, we do charge a daily rate for clients to use our centre, however this only covers our running costs, such as staffing, electricity, gas and so forth. We know we are a small local charity, but any money that is donated to us really does go a long way. We ask for donations of any amount, so we can continue this great service to our community. 

Service access criteria: Adult
Day centres
Advocacy for social care clients
Connecting with others
Managing a long-term health condition
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