Martial Arts

Western Wing Chun is a martial arts school with multiple facets. The school has adult, children and family classes. In addition we offer private outdoor lessons upon request. Although our focus is on self defence and well being, we also offer 1 v 1 Boxing Fitness sessions.

'Martial Art Mentoring'. - Under his direct guidance, and as a positive role model, instructor Dean can provide personal or small group Youth sessions using martial arts as the vehicle to help the young in particular, grow in confidence and lower their anxiety levels (under 18's require a Parent/Guardian to be present). 

Blind and visually impaired - Far fetched it may seem, we offer martial art lessons to the visually impaired and the blind. How is this possible? Well we teach 'Wing Chun Kung Fu'. A close quarter art that focuses on 'touch', or 'sticking' with ones opponents arms in order to control the threat. There are very if any styles of martial arts that do this. 

Instructor Dean has over 30 years experience in Martial Arts and has 20 years previous experience in Law enforcement. In addition he spent 6 months working with South Cambs District Council working with NEET (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training.) He also several years coaching Youth Soccer Coach in Huntingdonshire.

Please see our website for further information on fees and location of classes.

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