Silverline befriending

Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes
We need connection whatever our age – especially if we live alone or further away from family. Age UK's Silver Line Helpline gives anyone aged 55 or over the opportunity to exchange a friendly word, access support, or enjoy a long enriching conversation.

There are many different ways we might connect with each other.

Sometimes a quick “good morning!” might be all you need to get your day off to the right start. Another day, you might fancy a nice chat with someone about how the week’s gone. And once in a while, you may need a good heart-to-heart.

As we get older, these moments of connection can be harder to come by, but they’re just as vital as always.

That’s why Age UK's Silver Line Helpline exists – a free telephone service offering conversation, friendship and support to older people aged 55 and over.
Who does Age UK's Silver Line Helpline help?
 Everyone, no matter who they are, needs someone to talk to and connect with sometimes.

The Silver Line Helpline is a free, confidential telephone service run by Age UK, providing friendship, conversation and support for older people. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We give older people the chance to pick up the phone and enjoy a chat, get some support, and feel all the wonderful benefits that come from talking to a friend.
“I’m so grateful I really can’t put it into words”
Rachel began calling The Silver Line when she was living alone and going through a difficult time. She believes that without the support of Silver Line team members, she wouldn’t be here.
Read Rachel’s story
How does The Silver Line help?
 Loneliness can be tough, and many older people know this from experience. We need connection whatever our age – especially if we live alone or further away from family.

The Silver Line gives you the opportunity to exchange a brief, friendly word or enjoy a long, enriching conversation. The kind of call we offer depends very much on what you might want or need when you pick up the phone to talk to us.

The Silver Line service also helps by offering:

information and support
insight into how to access local groups and services
a referral to regular friendship calls, a service also run by Age UK
support for older people experiencing abuse and neglect.

Connecting with others
Additional needs catered for:
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