The Workers' Educational Association

At the WEA, we want to give everyone opportunities, and make sure no one is left behind.

WEA study provides confidence and skills to our learners, helping them to enter or re-enter the job market, or to progress in their career. WEA study also plays an important role in improving the physical and mental health of our learners, through positive mental stimulation, connection, support and community building.

We believe every adult should have access to education and its benefits right on their doorstep. Currently, the opportunity for a better future is too often made inaccessible for reasons including cost, location and a lack of information.

We are committed to removing any barriers so that individuals can improve their own life chances and have a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole.

We’re different from further education colleges, because we reach and connect with those who need education most and who are often farthest from study.

Connecting with others
Mental health
Support with employment
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