The Brownsover Community Association


In addition to managing the recently completed Community Centre, the BCA itself also runs the Brownsover Buddy Club. While being a job club, this also aims to provide support for anyone who needs help with anything that requires internet access and computer skills. It helps by signposting people or just offering a cup of coffee, a biscuit and a friendly chat.

The BCA has helped to set up, and continues to support, things like The Brownsover Brew, a drop-in-centre for coffee and childrens activities on Tuesday afternoons at the Church, and the Brownsover Art Group which also meets there. We work closely with Christ Church, where other sponsored events all meet, including an over 50s ‘Active Aging’ group, and Teddy Bears mums and toddlers group (amongst other things).

Service access criteria: Adult
Connecting with others
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Children and Adults
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