Hatters Space Community Centre


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Hatters Space is a Warwickshire County Council establishment, administered through its Early Intervention Service.

Its purpose is to provide safe and appropriate facilities which are available for hire by local agencies, groups and individuals within the objectives of the Early Intervention Service. There are a variety of local organisations who have come to use us on a regular basis.

Organisations from further afield are referred to us as a venue for occasional use.
Departments and workers from within WCC arrange events and meetings at the centre.
Local groups book up space for their regular activities.
Individuals may use us for single events.

The Health Store, also based on-site, is and a free, confidential drop-in centre offering health and welfare advice for all young people (under 25).


Service access criteria: Adults and Childen
Activities for children and young people
Connecting with others
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
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