Mountbatten Hospice

How to access our services
Through our Mountbatten Coordination Centre, we aim to find and support people who are thought to have five or fewer years left to live. 

We want to make sure as many Islanders as possible benefit from our services. No longer do we only care for people in the last days and hours of their lives.

Mountbatten supports people with any life-limiting condition, including advanced dementia, heart failure, Motor Neurone Disease, cancer and any other terminal illness.  It also includes patients who are growing increasingly frail and elderly. 

If you are referred to our Mountbatten Coordination Centre, you will be placed on our Share My Care register (with your consent) and assessed by a Mountbatten Nurse to ensure the most appropriate care can be arranged. Our Mountbatten Nurses will work with other health and social care professionals in the community to ensure coordinated care is provided. 

The level of care and support you receive will be based on need, but all those registered will have access to a 24-hour phone advice and support line (01983) 533331 which can provide the necessary reassurance, and potentially prevent an unnecessary hospital admission.

You will also be encouraged to complete an Advance Care Plan, which promotes a healthy discussion about their future care and preferences, should they be unable to make those decisions due to ill health or lack of capacity. By having an earlier relationship with you and your family, we can better understand their future needs and wishes, and tailor our services to be more able to meet their expectations. For example, we know that many patients would prefer to die at home, supported by our Mountbatten at Home team.

If you would like access to our services, which are free, ask your GP or health and social care professional to refer you to our Mountbatten Coordination Centre.


Adult carers advice and support
Arts and creativity
Carers support groups
Connecting with others
Day to day helping hand
Information and advice
Services for older people
Support for carers
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
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Dementia friendly
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