The Welfare Support Scheme - Torbay

The Welfare Support Scheme provides assistance to Torbay residents who require help to meet an essential need. It also aims to assist Torbay residents who need support to establish themselves or maintain their independence in the community.

Who can we help?

To be considered for Welfare Support, you must:

- Be over 15 years of age
- Live in Torbay
- Be on a welfare benefit or have very low disposable income
You may be asked to provide proof of your income, your bank details and other evidence depending on the support you apply for.

The welfare support scheme can also consider applications for things such as:

Daily living, including fuel costs paid to landlords and food parcels
Essential monthly expenditure, which cannot be deferred
Essential furniture and white goods including fridges, freezers and ovens (normally only if setting up home)
Warm clothing, soap and blankets
Boiler service/repair
Rent in advance
Rent arrears
Emergency removals and storage
Essential prescriptions (if you are not exempt: Who can get free prescriptions - NHS (
Essential travel that was not expected
Items not currently accessible through foodbanks e.g. pet food or special dietary needs
Other immediate support necessary for the fundamental wellbeing of the applicant and family
Signposting to essential advice and support services

Service access criteria: Must be over 15 years of age, live in Torbay, be on a welfare benefit or low income
Basic necessities (food/clothes)
Helping with money
Support with housing
Key words - separate with a comma: Wellbeing, Basic Needs, Standard of Living, Benefits, Financial Support, Housing