Autism Support
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A volunteer support charity for adults and Children with Autism including their Carers and families.

There is no charge for membership, but the committee reserve the right to withdraw the membership at any time.

Please remember that Parents/Carers are responsible for their children’s/vulnerable adults

Orange shirts/Staff are there to help and supervise, but are not responsible for the children’s/vulnerable adults’ actions.     


All members need to follow Puzzles’ rules at all times. 

Please be polite and respectful to all Orange shirts & staff based at the events we attend.

Puzzles has a strict NO drugs policy.

Alcohol is only permitted for the 18+ members, with a strict maximum in place. 

Smoking is not allowed on any premises that we attend. 

Puzzles encourages NO violence at events, either physical or verbal.

Puzzles would appreciate No offensive language.

Members MUST inform an Orange Shirt before leaving an event.

Parents/carers MUST accompany all under 18s.

Vulnerable adults must also be accompanied by a parent/carer, if necessary.


Thank you

The Committee 


Service access criteria: On the ASD Spectrum, on the path or looking for support to get there
Activities for children and young people
Carers support groups
Young carers support
Family support groups and organisations
Managing a long-term health condition
Support for carers
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
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