Non Statutory Advocacy

this service is designed for autistic and learning disabled people who are aged 17 or over and ineligible for statutory advocacy due to their circumstances (not currently being treated under the Mental Health Act, for example).

Non-statutory advocacy supports people to have their voice heard across a wide range of issues and events in their life. Our fresh approach offers a one-to-one service within a rich ecosystem of other support that is proven to change people’s lives for good.

Many of our advocacy clients move onto our Help and Connect project (see above) for a further six-months of person-centred support to help them take charge of their life. You may like to explore this information first to ensure it is our advocacy service that you need.

Our advocacy service supports the individual to identify clear goals that we can work towards together. In partnership, we build self-advocacy skills, resilience and hope, giving them all the relevant information to make their own decisions.

A few examples:

People prevented from applying for an autism or ADHD referral because they are working with the community mental health team or vice versa
People who have been refused a treatment that is open to other people
Support for people with no current GP in accessing health care – including making a connection with a surgery and going along with them
Support to manage their own money or benefits if they are not happy with how someone else is managing this
Housing issues such as risk to tenancy, landlord dispute, conflict with neighbours, adaptations to homes, notice to leave and people who are financially able to rent their own property.

Referrals can be made here: 

Service access criteria: 17+, learning Disability, Autism, Coventry resident or Coventry GP
Getting active
Services for older people
Support with housing
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
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