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Being separated from your children is tough if you're a dad. We're here to help with all aspects from emotional to financial to legal. Try our lively comments section at the end of each article to seek individual help, or share your own experiences.

Separated Dads was formed to offer a unique reference point on help, advice & support for separated fathers.

It's hard to be a father separated from your children. You worry about them, you want to see them and be involved with their lives. But that's not always easy. There are all kinds of problems you have to deal with, legal, financial and emotional. It can be a very rough road.

That's why we made Separated Dads. It's a complete guide to dealing with life as a separated father. We show you how to deal with all the obstacles life can put in your way, what to do when you're in an emotional trough, how to negotiate with problems about custody and contact, and even how to introduce a new partner to your children.



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