Together! 2012 CIC Clubs

The Art Club meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11am-12noon on Zoom.

Tuesdays are ‘Make and Natter’ sessions, either taking part in an inclusive craft activity led by Clubs Programme Leader Alison Marchant using things you already have at home, or working on your own project and showing this to the other participants. On Fridays, where we focus on drawing and painting. 

The Together! 2012 Pop-Up Poetry Club offers: A weekly Poetry Workshop from 10.30am to 12noon on Wednesday mornings on Zoom. Join us to read, write and talk about poetry. Showcase opportunities at the Pop-Up Poetry Café where poets can perform their work in front of an audience on Zoom. There are also publishing opportunities online and in print.

The Together! 2012 Dance on Screen Club meets on Zoom from 11am-12noon on the fourth Monday of each month (we do not operate in August and December). Each session includes chair-based warming-up and stretching and free movement, with all participants encouraged to select music and contribute ideas. We also create short film-dances.

The Dance on Screen Club is led by Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling aka ju90. All Disabled people are welcome, and no previous experience is necessary.  Dress in comfortable clothes — non-wheelchair users should wear trainers or similar footwear, or be in bare feet.

The Together! 2012 Photographers and Filmmakers Club now meets on Zoom from 11am-12noon on the 2nd Monday of each month. We learn photography and filmmaking techniques and make films together, led by Together! 2012 Chair Julie Newman. No experience is necessary, just a passion for the still and/or moving image. The Club also plays a leading role in documenting our work and programming our annual Together! Disability Film Festival.

We also have an online programme specifically for young Disabled people, led by our Youth Development Worker, the artist Kate Rolison. The two Zoom-based Youth Together! Clubs we offer for young people are:
Our Thursday Youth Together! Club, for Disabled young people aged 18 – 25, including those who have completed their education and training but are facing barriers to beginning their career in the arts. This is a forum to meet like-minded young people to share tips with and collaborate. Every Thursday from 11am-12noon on Zoom.
Our Saturday Youth Together! Club, for Disabled young people aged 12 – 18. We use recycled materials and other items we have at home to create arts and crafts, and also make films, write poetry and draw and paint. This Club is currently taking place once a month on a Saturday from 11am-12noon on Zoom.

All of our activities are FREE. We do not ask for ‘proof’ of disability, and do not require participants to attend every week. Our Ground Rules provide further details of what is expected of participants, and our Code of Practice for Personal Assistance provides details of what is expected of supporters.

Service access criteria: None
Arts and creative classes
Arts and creativity
Arts organisations and events
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Takes place in the client’s home
Waiting list (weeks): 2
Key words - separate with a comma: dance, art, film, photography, poetry, craft