Low Impact Exercises

Hi, My name is Jason Rooke and run a Community Interest Company (CIC) called Jstep CIC. 

I work out in the community offering Low Impact Exercises for people with different types of conditions. We work with people with Strokes, Fibromyglia, Mutiple Scleorosis, Mobility Difficulties and many more. 

We go into people own homes where people are unable to get out of their own homes and we promote physical, mental and social well-being. We have been doing this since 2019 since Covid as we noticed people were losing confidence and unable to get out causing Physical and Mental well-being to decline. 

We offer Short, medium and long term goals for our client's including training programs to ensure the client's are exercising safely but also improving their general well-being. 

We are fully trained in what we do and working with different types of conditions, we ensure we have the right training to support the people in the right way safely. We have safeguarding and DBS in place as well all relevant qualifcations. 


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