National Autistic Society

What we do

We're here to help the 700,000 autistic people in the UK and their families. Be it running specialist schools, campaigning for improved rights or training companies on being more autism-friendly, we are dedicated to transforming lives and changing attitudes.

Advice and guidance
Advice and guidance about autism and the challenges autistic people and their families face. Topics include what is autism, diagnosis, communication, mental health, education, and more.

Help and support
We have online community and comprehensive directory services and support for autistic people, their families.

Our volunteer-led branches across the UK offer support, information and social activities for autistic children, adults and their families.

Autism training and best practice



Adult centre- south and
west croydon

020 8689 4884 


Children services- Contact
Chris Musgrove
Family Support Coordinator

Email for children service:

Activities for children and young people
Children's centres
Family support groups and organisations
Connecting with others
Managing a long-term health condition
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
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