Culture Community Session

Book a session to join the Culture Community family!

If you are aged 8 to 16 years and want to learn about Black History, culture and traditions in a fun way then Culture Community is for you!

During our sessions we include dance, arts and crafts, football, team building games and Black History lessons.

You will meet other children your age from around Peterborough and build positive relationships. 

The sessions include workshops and we also have social days like bowling.

The first session is Free!!

Service access criteria: Aged 8 to 16 years
Arts and creative classes
Activities for children and young people
Arts and creativity
Mental health support
Connecting with others
Mental health
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
Wheelchair accessible
Key words - separate with a comma: Youth, Black History, Friendships, Culture, History, Minority, School, Education
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