Affordable Borrowing and Building Saving Pots (Not-for-Profit)

CLEVR Money is a credit union with HQ in Blackpool.

Family Loan

If you borrow from your local credit union, you get yourself into financial control over your debts and build up your savings. You can build up your #savings whilst you pay back your loan with us. As not-for-profit, borrowing from us is the start of your journey into forever saving habits.

Our no-credit-check #FamilyLoan £500 repaid via child benefit is open. Apply now:

If you already have a loan with us but need a top-up for any personal reason, you can also use the same link to apply for a top up.
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Easter Holiday

Easter Holiday for most schools is between 29th March and 14th April. If you have family arrangements such as a road trip, city break, short holiday, travel, etc but need to finance them, we're here for you.


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