Brotherhood Legion - Weekly Fitness Sessions

What is Leicester's biggest men's mental health group?


Thebrotherhoodlegion.cic is men's focused group built around inclusion, movement, and conversation 


Our mission is to create a space for men to grow mentally and physically through inclusion and give back to the community 


The work done this past year alone and the growth of our members is undeniably incredible. 

Not just the work with men in the group but also the organising of over 3

Charity events supporting all areas of Leicester's community. And collaborating with some of the biggest charities,businesses and organisations in the city


We are raising the vibration and spirit of every person evolved. 

Groups like this are vital for the community and for men


What we offer ?


Sunday sauce - free weekly fitness sessions 

Day - Sunday 

Time - 10am 

Location - Transformationfit Unit Heanor St LE1 4BD (sometime differs but always posted on socials e.g Instagram or website ) 


Events and big socials - 

Hiking, camping trips, pool nights, gamer nights, fundraisers, helping the homeless walk and talk.

Further info always found on once again Instagram or website. 




Simply show up and will go from there 

Getting active
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Mental health
Additional needs catered for:
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