Therapeutic Horsemanship and Riding

Sessions for children, teens, and young adults focusing on developing important life skills whilst learning about horses. These sessions also provide an opportunity for those with additional needs to access horsemanship/ riding sessions, as accessing traditional/ standard horse riding lessons may be difficult. We also have experience working with those who are very nervous of horses and/ or riding, but are looking to continue a connection with horses and develop their confidence around them. 

Within Therapeutic Horsemanship sessions we focus on developing an awareness of the horse and their behaviour, their needs and communication, as well helping the client develop their own ability to regulate and self awareness. We can work on confidence building, anxiety levels, communication skills and much more. Through ridden work we can also help develop balance, core strength and muscle control.

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Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
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Physical disability friendly
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