Relational Horsemanship and Riding

Our Relational Horsemanship sessions focus on developing a connection with the herd and your chosen horse, learning about their behaviour, communication, lifestyle and needs. We also learn how horses communicate their emotions to us, and how our own emotions and energy affects them. Because horses are such sensitive and intuitive beings that notice our internal state, even if we are ‘just doing Horsemanship’ it is still vital that we improve our own self awareness, and develop our ability to self regulate. Horses are social animals who connect with those around them, including us. To achieve the best communication, training, and interactions, we must be present, grounded and connected, both to them and ourselves. 

Once we have begun to establish a relationship with our horse, and begun to develop our self awareness and regulation, we can then learn to work with them in an ethical way that allows them choice, including for groundwork, handling, care, and riding. 

We will help you learn how to ride in a balanced way that is fun and comfortable for both you and the horse, working together to feel safe and connected, and using our bodies, breathing, energy and voice to communicate. 

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