Wellmoor Community Allotment - Working Parties

We run working parties at our allotment every Wednesday 2:30pm - 4:30 pm. Everyone is welcome and no experience necessary. It is a great chance to meet new people, share ideas and knowledge, have tea and home-made cake. We often cook soup at the allotment and have sharing lunches. We also run workshops and events through the year, including art, music and growing workshops.

The key aims and objectives of the Wellmoor Community Allotment are:

We want people to feel the benefits of being outside and connecting with nature, other people and the food they eat.

We want to involve the whole community. We’d especially like to encourage cross-generational interaction.

Learning about healthy eating and seasonal, local food will be central to our work.

Maintaining and encouraging healthy biodiversity on the plot will underlie everything we do. We’ll be keeping a careful balance between our human needs and those of the rest of our community- pollinators, birds, insects and soil flora, to name a few.

Creativity is so important for wellbeing. We’d like it to be a key part of the learning and community building that happens on the plot.

Does this sound like something you could be interested in? Join us for one of our ‘working parties’. Get outdoors, meet people, and chat over a cup of tea!

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