Homelessness Support for Single Men and Single Mums with NRPF

Just Homes aims to provide help for homeless people seeking to rebuild their lives. We work with single unemployed men who have access to benefits and single mums and children who have “no recourse to public funds”.

We operate from several fully furnished homes that are maintained to a high standard and dotted around the London borough of Newham. 

Men - We work with single homeless people who are un-employed, ex-offenders and those with a history of drug and/or alcohol addiction

Women & Children - We work with women and dependent children who have no recourse to public funds. These are people who have either been trafficked, abandoned by their partners, escaped modern slavery and/or fled domestic violence.

We take pride in the care and support we provide our clients and have a success story to tell about most of those who have moved on to rebuild their lives. 

To make a referral, please visit their site. 


Service access criteria: Our criteria for accepting clients for the Men's Projects: ​ We accept single homeless men: ​ Aged 18-59 who are actively seeking work. Our criteria for accepting clients to the women’s project ​ Women with children/pregnant and homeless. No Recourse to Public Funds (must be referred by supporting agency). Has application or appeal with Home Office or willing to make one. Willingness to comply with the project’s aims, ethos and Conditions of Residence We do not accept self-referrals for our women’s accommodation. Most of our referrals come through the Children’s Social Services departments of various London boroughs​. Families with children over the age of 16 are unlikely to be accommodated because of the vulnerable nature of women within the house. ​ Families with male children over ten years old are also unable to be accommodated. Please read our Conditions of Residence for further details.UC/JSA claimants who are British citizens and those who have a right to reside in this country. EU Nationals with a right to reside and can claim long term UC/JSA and HB. Willing to comply with projects aims, ethos and conditions of residence. We do not accept Clients who have an active or recent substance or alcohol addiction. Ex-offenders who have been convicted of arson, violence, sex offences or property convictions. People who are long term ESA or PIP claimants. ​ We do accept applications from some ex-offenders, but any offer will be subject to our risk assessment.
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